Pre congress courses at the 15th Isge World Congress

Polycystic ovary syndrome

Etiology, metabolic and fertility impact, subjective risk for reproductive and other organs diseases,
therapeutic strategies from adolescence to late post-menopause.
Speakers: Berga Sarah (US) – Devoto Luigi (RCH) – Milewicz Andrzej (PL) – Tarlatzis Basil (GR)

Hypothalamic amenorrhea and other menstrual cycle disorders

Etiopathogenesis, physical, psychological and reproductive impacts.
From diagnosis to therapies: which, how long, how to follow up,
what goals to achieve for healthy reproductive life and aging.
Speakers: Brincat Mark (MT) – Genazzani Alessandro (IT) – Naftolin Frederick (US) – Schindler Adolf (DE)

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