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Suggested conferences

Which is the right MHT for whom?
Oct 01, 15:00-16:00 CEST  
45 International Dexeus Forum
Nov 12⁠–Nov 13  
Barcelona, Spain
Ruolo degli androgeni nella biologia femminile
Jan 22⁠–Jan 23 2021  
Firenze, Italy
17th World Congress on Menopause: Menopause a new beginning
Feb 04⁠–Feb 07 2021  
Melbourne, Australia
7° Congresso Nazionale di Ginecologia Endocrinologica
Mar 18⁠–Mar 19 2021  
Rome, Italy
14 Congress of the European Society of Gynecology
Nov 10⁠–Nov 13 2021  
Venice, Italy
updated on Monday July 22 2019

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