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Amenorrhea: aethiologies, pathogenesis, consequences and therapies

Jan 20⁠–Jul 01 2021

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Everyone involved in clinical practice recognize that Amenorrhea is a clinical condition with different aethiologies, pathogenesis, consequences and therapies. The Course will analyze all causes of Amenorrhea from adolescence to menopause. Müllerian malformations, Kallman’s Syndrome, Genetic Amenorrhea and Adolescent primary Amenorrhea will be discussed, along with Eating disorders, Exercise and Stress related Amenorrhea in order to better understand their pathogenesis, diagnosis and therapies.

We will focus on Amenorrhea as related to Endocrine gland disorders, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Postpartum period and after Contraception as well as that observed in Oncological patients. Organic causes such as Asherman’s Syndrome and the possibilities of therapeutic endometrial regeneration will be presented.

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