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Gynecological and Reproductive Endorinology

Jan 13⁠–Jan 15 2019 Bruxelles Belgium

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Main Program

  • Charles Sultan Evaluation and management of disorders of puberty in girls
  • Andrea Genazzani Menstrual cycle disorders: from etiology to personalized therapies
  • Martin Birkhaeuser Sexual steroid use from Contraception to Menopause
  • Bart Fauser Womens Health
  • Rosella Nappi Neuroendocrine aspects of female sexual dysfunction
  • Tommaso Simoncini Menopause and healthy ageing
  • Wouter Froyman Imaging technologies: new development and possibilities
  • Antonio Cano What genomics may do in clinical practice
  • Michelle Nisolle Endometrial pathologies: from symptoms to diagnosis and therapies
  • Andrzej Milewicz Preventive strategies for metabolic syndrome and obesity by patients characteristics
  • Svetlana Vujovic Premature ovarian insufficiency
  • Basil Tarlatzis Late fertility requests: possibilities and solutions

Clinical case with the expert (a)

  • Martin Birkhaeuser Why non-oral ERT after the age of 65 ?
  • Wouter Froyman Ultrasound approach in case of ovarian cysts
  • Antonio Cano Uterine persistent intermittent spotting/bleeding
  • Bart Fauser IVF
  • Andrea Genazzani Hypothalamic amenorrhea
  • Andrzej Milewicz Insuline resistance from pathogenesis to therapy – cases report
  • Rosella Nappi Poor arousal under CHC
  • MICHELLE NISOLLE Müllerian anomalies at adolescence
  • Tommaso Simoncini Optimizing pelvic floor at menopause and beyond
  • Charles Sultan Primary amenorrhea in a 16 year old adolescent girl
  • Basil Tarlatzis Ovarian stimulation for IVF/ICSI in women with PCOS
  • Svetlana Vujovic Poly-glandular autoimmune insufficiency 

Clinical case with the expert (b)

  • Martin Birkhaeuser Is tibolone still an option for HRT ?
  • Wouter Froyman Ultrasound approach in case of abnormal uterine bleeding
  • Antonio Cano Secondary amenorrhea in the young
  • Bart Fauser Ovulation induction
  • Andrea Genazzani Polycystic ovary syndrome and menstrual disorders
  • Andrzej Milewicz Obesity when we can expect metabolic disorders -cases report
  • Michelle Nisolle Management of ovarian endometriosis in infertile patients
  • Tommaso Simoncini Managing weight gain at the menopausal transition
  • Svetlana Vujovic Pregnancy in premature ovarian insufficiency
  • Charles Sultan Hirsutism in a 15 years old adolescent girl
  • Basil Tarlatzis Fertility preservation in women with endometriosis