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Statement on transdermal contraception as an underused option for unmet needs in contraception: the importance of structured counselling
Kristina Gemzell-Danielsson, Manuela Farris, Helena Kopp-Kallner, Josefina Lira, Marian Obiol, Carlos Petta

The transdermal contraceptive patch Evra® has been available in 60 countries for 20 years. It has high contraceptive efficacy with an overall Pearl Index of 0.90 and improved compliance relative to oral contraception. With the evolvement of countless new methods of contraception, the Evra® transdermal patch has become… Read more ≫

Obstetrics and Gynecology in Third Reich concentration camps: a never-ending nightmare
Camil Castelo-Branco, José A. Lejárcegui

ABSTRACT Unprecedented and horrible crimes against humanity were committed during World War II. The Nazi doctrine of ethnic hygiene was based on “social Darwinism” and, consequently mass murder programs began as ethnicity became a metaphor of disease. Nazism implemented the connection between anti-Semitism, racism, and… Read more ≫

New challenges in treatments for menopausal symptoms in breast cancer survivors
Valentina Bounous, Noemi Andronico, Francesca Govone, Margherita Giorgi, Silvia Actis, Marta D’Alonzo, Nicoletta Biglia

Background and purpose: The majority of breast cancers are represented by hormone-receptor-positive tumors and treatment with AET (adjuvant endocrine therapy) has shown great advantages in terms of disease recurrence and mortality. Despite these widely demonstrated benefits, AET is burdened by considerable side effects, especially in… Read more ≫

The association between adenomyosis and infertility
Tevfik Yoldemir

A causal relation between adenomyosis and life-long primary infertility has been documented. This review will address this issue and focus on treatment options. The advances in radiologic imaging during the last two decades has facilitated the research on the effect of adenomyosis on reproductive outcome…. Read more ≫

Bone in women with premature ovarian insufficiency: a review
Blazej Meczekalski, Olga Niwczyk, Aleksandra Szczęsnowicz

Premature ovarian insufficiency (POI) is a condition characterized by amenorrhea occurring before the age of 40, accompanied by elevated FSH levels measured on at least two occasions, with a minimum interval of 4 weeks. While idiopathic cases are prevalent, autoimmune or iatrogenic factors may also contribute to… Read more ≫

Short Review
Metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and menopause: the changes in body structure and the therapeutic approach
Alessandro D. Genazzani, Tabatha Petrillo, Elisa Semprini, Claudia Aio, Martina Foschi, Fedora Ambrosetti, Alessandra Sponzilli, Francesco Ricciardiello, Christian Battipaglia

The metabolic syndrome (MS) is a common metabolic disorder that greatly increases cardiovascular risk. Insulin resistance (IR) is a key factor in the onset of the MS and predisposes to weight gain up to obesity which exacerbates the risks. Menopausal transition is characterized by a… Read more ≫

Short Review
Contraceptive methods for men: an unmet need
Regine Sitruk-Ware, Christina Wang

Improving current contraceptives and discovering novel, easy to use methods with added health benefits would meet the needs of couples who seek alternatives to current methods. Men are underserved and it is time to provide choices and an array of methods to suit their needs… Read more ≫

Case report
First Case Report of Bacteremia and Bilateral Ovarian Abscesses Post Ovarian Platelet Rich Plasma Injection
Javier Mejia-Gomez , Ola Shaltout, Maryam Alkhanbouli, Nada Shaltout, Eleni Philippopoulos, Wendy Wolfman , Ellen M. Greenblatt, Kinshuk Kumar, Ghazal Danesh, Shannon Moore

Small studies have reported that intra-ovarian autologous platelet-rich plasma (PRP) infusion may increase ovarian reserve parameters and result in better outcomes after IVF in women with low ovarian reserve. We report a case of a 39-year-old patient with a history of advanced endometriosis who underwent… Read more ≫

Case report
Case report of a multimorbid Serbian transmale person with fatal outcome
Svetlana Vujović, Miomira Ivovic, Milina Tančić-Gajić, Ljiljiana Marina, Zorana Arizanovic, Dragana Duišin D, Miroslav Djordjević , Aleksander Djogo, Mick van Trotsenburg

In a 39-year-old, apparently healthy, transmale person prior to starting of gender-affirmative treatment (GAT) preparatory check-up revealed premature ovarian insufficiency (POI), insulin resistance and lesions in the breast, judged BIRADS 3. Family history showed that the mother also suffered from POI and esophageal/gastric carcinoma. After 8… Read more ≫

Original Paper
From pregnancy to menopause: relevance of the reproductive fil rouge for cardiometabolic health
Laura Cucinella, Lara Tiranini, Ellis Martini, Sara Tedeschi, Eleonora Birilli, Stefano Memoli, Chiara Placentino, Manuela Piccinino, Roberta Rossini, Rossella E. Nappi

Background and aim: History of reproductive and obstetric conditions has been associated with cardiovascular and metabolic health later in life. Menopause represents a time of vulnerability in which metabolic risk may become clinically evident in women with underlying predisposition. The aim of this study was… Read more ≫