Save the date: ISGE Certification Program new course

“Poliycystic ovary, metabolic syndrome and obesity: impact on women’s health, reproduction and quality of life, from adolescence and old age” is the new course provided by the ISGRE as part of its ongoing commitment to Continuing Medical Education.

Prof. Andrea Geanazzani, Chairman of the ISGE, explains “The impacts of polycystic ovary syndrome, metabolic syndrome and obesity are more and more evident in our daily practice.   
All around the world the incidence of excess weight and insulin resistance in patients is on the rise, both of which have a major impact not only on the reproductive process, but also on the quality and duration of life, as well as the dominance of diseases.  
Although these issues are rooted in genetics, they can also originate in fetal life, a variable quality/quantity of available nutrients, and/or reduced physical activity.  
Our primary role is to detect and tackle these diseases in order to correct their impact on the female body, and their relationship with fertility, pregnancy, cardiovascular diseases and gynecological cancers. 

The course will address all of these aspects, covering all ages from adolescence to the post-menopause life stage. Furthermore, it will offer a unique chance to interact directly with course leaders, working in small groups on specific problems related to clinical cases, new technologies and treatment strategies.”

The course, being held in Bruxelles on 25/26 November 2019, is also valid for the ISGE Certification Program

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